2011 daily songs

by Marvin The Robot

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Josef Salyer talked me into posting a song every day. This is where all the new ones go.

This lasted from early Jan to about mid May. Some of these songs have been fleshed out and recorded on other albums, some are complete sketches.


released January 25, 2011




Marvin The Robot Columbus, Ohio

Marvin The Robot has been a part of the Midwest indie music scene since 1999, crafting tunes and records with an eclectic, yet accessible approach.

The band's wit and lo-fi aesthetics transform the clanky guitars and raw energy into true indie gems, as the honest and essential approach bring Marvin The Robot close to some of their colleagues such as
Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth or Sebadoh.
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Track Name: Hemlock & Hammers (or Parades Will Come)
The future is a lie that everybody tells.
It's no good in this neck of the woods.
Track Name: Arlington. Come Back To DC!
Pittsburg is a nicer city
than our nation's capital.
It's got bright lights
and Asian Russians.

No. It is not lost at all.
On the Marble Mall
as it's backed against the wall.

Arlington, you are so lovely,
but you're just too far away.
From the great cusine, and all the duty frees
and the shows at the Girl Cave.
Track Name: Rich Kids Got It Easy Baby
ain't no woman like the one got
but baby that will change.
ain't no sweet lovin on this earth like what i get
but baby that will change.

the way rich kids have it easy baby
that always stays the same!

rich kids have it easy baby
no matter what they say.
yea, the rich kids have it easy baby
no matter what they say

rich kids have it easy woman
but they're not the ones to blame.
Track Name: Rachel Hatred And Her History Of Facial Predjudice
Finding the job you want
in the city where you live
can take a couple years off your life.
Yea, if you let it.
Finding true happiness
with the one that you love
can be really difficult
if you don't have good drugs.
If you don't have good drugs,
well then good luck.

Ba ba, bop ba, la la la
I'd like to blame it all on
Rachel Hatred
and her history
of facial prejudice.

Bop ba! La la, la, la la
I'd like to blame it all on her,
but she's just one girl.
She's just one fucking girl.

Making the shit that you need
out of the crap you have.
It make some scream and punch the walls.
It makes other people sad.
It makes some people so sad
they just give up and go goth.
They'd rather join the living dead
than walk it off.
Track Name: No Good Boy
Dont talk to me about the time that's slipped away.
Cus boy, I've watched you waste entire centuries.
Don't let it worry that pretty little face of yours.
It'll wrinkle you up,
and that's the part that make it worse.

You thought that you were clever boy,
but you were just misunderstood.
It's no good,
it's no good,
it's no good.
Track Name: We'll Never Touch
we've worked together for sixteen years
and never, ever once so much as split a beer.
weve worked together for sixteen years
and she never ever smiles.
Track Name: Collective Bargaining Protest Song
Money men want all their money.
So if you wanna live, you better give 'em somethin'
Track Name: Francis Bean
All these rockers got lots of mystery.
Too bad they don't know their history.
Track Name: boiling quinoa
Like a heart that's as hard as an art.
Track Name: Delilah (acoustic version)
Warner Hertzog is gonna eat his shoes
as The Gates Of Heaven open up on Vine.
Track Name: Ladies & Gentlemen, Dave Pirner!
I'm sure she loves you 99% of the time.
The other 1%, she loves you in spite.

Oh Dave Pirner!
I see you all the time.
Lookin like the 90's
jobless and high.
Track Name: MIstletoe Launcher
Every pregnant woman is a virgin today.
Sittin with a mistletoe launcher layin in wait.
Track Name: Your Heroes Were Losers
yea you can talk the talk
but you can't even walk the wak thus far.
you can sure talk the talk
but you can't even walk the walk
back to your car
Track Name: Steal Your Best Friend's Riffs
all these kids today,
all they really want is love.
love love love
but that's so hard to find.
why don't you just take drugs?