Psalms For The Sexually Disenfranchised

by Marvin The Robot



My 2004 to 2005 album. Recorded mostly at BLD. Love songs for the unlovable, dude bro feminista diso folk out to make you dance and/or cry.

"Marvin the Robot is the pseudonym for Miles Curtiss, a Columbus, Ohio-based musician in search of "obscurity and poverty." In this quest, Curtiss has met up with several musical collaborators to create quirky, eclectic pop songs. "


released October 22, 2005

I will give props to Mark Van Fleet. His studio was right across the hall from my mine, and would march right in and compliment me if he liked what he heard. Same for Chronic Debotchery, who I would end up working with a few times later.

Oh yea. This is also the album where I met Dr. Rob Job, who mastered it.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Marvin The Robot Columbus, Ohio

Marvin The Robot has been a part of the Midwest indie music scene since 1999, crafting tunes and records with an eclectic, yet accessible approach.

The band's wit and lo-fi aesthetics transform the clanky guitars and raw energy into true indie gems, as the honest and essential approach bring Marvin The Robot close to some of their colleagues such as
Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth or Sebadoh.
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Track Name: No Use
It's true.
I've been too aloof.
But baby, I've been bled black and blue.
I kept a file.
I'll surrender my proof.
What's your excuse?
Track Name: The Anita Hill
i know these words
will be used against me
so let them ring
loud and clear
through the valley.
i know
what those other boys do.
i had hoped
against vain hope
i wouldn't have to be that way with you.

but i'm not out of woods my dear
no i'm not out of the woods yet,
coasting clear.

i can see these words
in 172 sized font.
strapped to my back
as i'm climbing up.
you see i had to
put this knife in my back myself.
its too big a job to trust to anybody else.

no i'm out
of the woods.
not by far, not by far
but why can't you see
this is not a trap,
it's my heart god damn you.

i've been climbing up
the anita hill
against my will
i've been climbing up
the anita hill
against my hill.

and i'm not out of the woods just yet.
Track Name: The Gratification Of Knowing
I will discover through smoke who I am.
just sit back, watch the Cat and the Amp.
Track Name: Orchestra Of Ex-Boyfriends
I have always played
2nd fiddle
just for you
Track Name: Dodecaheathens
So unaware she had been saved.
So unaware she had been saved.
From ever doing the walk of shame
in the traditional way.
Track Name: Dragons In The Ocean Eat Everything They Pass
Two dead batteries tune my guitar.
Going a little fast, but won't get far by midnight.
I worked all day
it was a waste of my time.
Half an hour later, still can't get it off of my mind.

Angels don't want to admit this
angels don't want to admit it,
but the devil's got nothing to do with it
cus teh devil's got nothing to do.
Track Name: When You Got Stoned
imagine you high on mushrooms
and me as some straightedge prick.
how will we ever forgive those kids for the shit they did?