The Green Line EP

by Marvin The Robot



released November 15, 2002




Marvin The Robot Columbus, Ohio

Marvin The Robot has been a part of the Midwest indie music scene since 1999, crafting tunes and records with an eclectic, yet accessible approach.

The band's wit and lo-fi aesthetics transform the clanky guitars and raw energy into true indie gems, as the honest and essential approach bring Marvin The Robot close to some of their colleagues such as
Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth or Sebadoh.
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Track Name: The Green Line (slow ghost remix)
Words and cogitations
associated with expressions of possession.
The apostro fiends overdosing on apostrophes
The electronic herd.
It has no brain.
How can the pack mule know
the difference
between endurance and hysteresis?
Track Name: The Iron Wall
The facts don't fuck around.
Track Name: Your Forensic Lover
Could it be the tea cups
are simply shutting up.
And what is the couch
holding out?