Live Stuff

by Marvin The Robot



Some net worthy live stuff.


released February 13, 2011

miles, danielle, matt




Marvin The Robot Columbus, Ohio

Marvin The Robot has been a part of the Midwest indie music scene since 1999, crafting tunes and records with an eclectic, yet accessible approach.

The band's wit and lo-fi aesthetics transform the clanky guitars and raw energy into true indie gems, as the honest and essential approach bring Marvin The Robot close to some of their colleagues such as
Broken Social Scene, Sonic Youth or Sebadoh.
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Track Name: Liberals! Can We Riot Now?
From Lost Weekend September 2010.
Track Name: When You Got Stoned (live @ Black Box)
Trading notes on napkins is what we did
cus it's not the heart you steal, it's the one you give

that allows you to live!!!!
Just one more sad semester
back in Ohio
with the same 36 people
you've always seemed to know.
Track Name: You Shouldn't Have To Be So Brave
you shouldn't have to be so brave.
you shouldn't need to save much face.
just to walk across the street?
it doesn't take that much from me.
Track Name: Married To The Bottle Live @ Cornell
I'm married to the bottle babe, so I can't go out with you.
Track Name: Rocky Fjord Path
to all my dead friends
i wish thee
so much unprotected sex.
they've really been through hell and back.
no one deserves it more than them.
Track Name: Game Of Magnets
I won't belive a word you say this time.
They all get jumbled over telephone lines.
You'll say whatever you think is gonna make sense.
Meanwhile, I don't know what the hell you meant...